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How Weighted Blankets Can Help

Weighted Blankets

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Calgary Alberta Canada (52)People love hugs. Let’s deconstruct the science behind it. When we hug somebody, our brain releases Oxytocin (also known as the ‘cuddle hormone’) that has a calming effect on our brains. It is a hormone which promotes the feeling of devotion, trust, and bonding.  

Just imagine a situation where you would be able to buy these hugs. A lot of people prefer to cuddle and sleep, or in other words, they want the weight of another person to be on them while they are asleep to provide the deep pressure that stimulates hormones that promote sleep.  All they are craving is that extra pressure.

Weighted Blankets

People with anxiety, stress, panic disorders, or even people who like a cozy environment often pile blankets on while they are asleep to feel the relief that the weight can bring. But stacked blankets slide and move during the night and can be uncomfortably hot during the summer. We have the solution – the revolutionary Hippo Hug weighted blankets. These blankets are lined with weights that are evenly distributed. These come in different weights. The amount of weight to be installed in the blanket depends on the preference of the person who is getting it made.

How does it work?

These blankets have the same effect on them as hug may have. The even pressure is said to imitate ‘deep pressure touch stimulation’. It is designed to provide warm and fuzzy feeling that would, in turn, improve their mood as their brain releases Oxytocin. Weighted blankets are gaining massive popularity as a means to fight anxiety and panic attacks.


There are some benefits weighted blankets possess.

  1. Improves sleep: weighted blankets create a sense of protection while being asleep. This results in relaxation of mind and better sleep.
  2. Reduces risk of diseases: weighted blanket have been known to reduce the impacts and side-effects of post-traumatic stress disorder, sleep disorders, nervous system disorders and autism to list a few.
  3. Investment in sleep: While a weighted blanket is not a replacement for primary care they are comforting on so many levels.

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Calgary Alberta Canada (44)Factors while buying

To maximize its impact, there are several factors to look into while purchasing one:

  1. Proper weight: Typically, a blanket should be no more than 15% body weight but because weight is distributed across a larger surface area as a blanket gets bigger you can safely have more weight and receive the same effects. We can make any weight (up to 34 lbs) you specify if it fits within the restrictions of the size. We can make any size that you like but usually stick to 40 inches wide so that We do not have to seam the fabric. The blankets are most effective if most the weight is touching your body with very little overhang.
  2. Material: We offer cotton, organic cotton, cuddle (100% polyester, feels like fleece but will not pill) and 100% cotton flannel. All the fabrics are quilter’s quality. The weights are flat, round disks which are made from a metal insert encased in a ceramic coating. This makes the blankets fully washable.  
  3. Warranty: These are handmade blankets. Due to the fact that our blankets are customized to specific customer orders and used in a personal way, we will only accept returns based on the following:
  • The blanket has not been used.
  • It is shipped back to Hippo Hug within two weeks of you receiving it and you have contacted upon receipt to notify of the issue

Please note:

  • A refund will be issued only on the cost of the blanket, not the shipping fee.
  • There will be a 20% restocking fee.
  • Refunds will only be issued after we receive the blanket and its condition inspected. Blankets that have dirt/stains on them, smell like cigarette smoke or other strong household odors, have been washed or put in the dryer will automatically not be accepted upon return for a refund.
  • Blankets will experience wear and tear over time. Washing them often will increase the acceleration of this wear and tear. Patching and sewing up worn seams will be the responsibility of the owner. However, Hippo Hug is happy to work with you to fix any issue with the blanket during the first two weeks of ownership.

Some fixes that may help as your blanket ages over the years:

  • If the binding of your blanket has pulled away from the stitching
    • If you have a sewing machine you can stitch the binding back to the blanket’s edge or
    • You can use “no sew” glue to adhere the binding back to the blanket’s edge
  • If small worn spots/tears have occurred after washing
    • You can use “no sew glue” to attached the worn edges together or
    • You can appliqué a swatch of matching fabric over the tear or
    • You can use “no sew” glue to attach a patch
  • If the stitching has come loose
    • You can sew a new seam along the old one or
    • Depending on the area you could leave it as the outside stitching is only quilting the top and bottom layers together

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Calgary Alberta Canada (14)

Getting started – if you are ready for a better night’s sleep visit our shop to create the perfect Hippo Hug for you or email info(at)


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