Current wait for custom blankets is 3 weeks but blankets can take up to 6 weeks. We are no longer able to assure orders for Christmas, anything ordered by Dec 1st should be finished the week before Christmas but would still need time to ship. We have 150 blankets on the go and finish 50 - 70 a week. We will contact customers as packages are ready to ship to see if they want to pay the extra for fastest shipping. Please consider a gift certificate as many more fabrics will be available in the new year. Our guaranteed for Christmas deadline was November 13, 2017.


Hear what our customers have to say about Hippo Hug’s weighted blankets and other products:

“I recently received the blanket that I ordered for my grandson and I am very pleased with the workmanship and the service I received.
My grandson, who is on the spectrum and has sensory issues, really likes it, especially on his legs and feet when he sleeps.
I have to admit that I enjoy the weight on me while relaxing in front of the fireplace although I have to keep in mind that the blanket is weighted. I almost aggravated an old shoulder injury the first time I went to fold it up.
Thank you very much.”
– Brad Victoria, BC

“Success! She slept later than normal and seemed calmer than she usually is. Thanks so much! ”

-Cara Aurora, Ontario

“Hope you are well, I wanted to thank you and your team for the not only a wonderful blanket but the support you provided from first contact. This is the first time in a long time my son has been able to sleep without trying to get pressure from us, which is amazing. Thank you so much for creating a wonderful product and providing amazing service.”

-F. Brampton, Ontario

“The blankets are a huge hit!  Thanks, again, for all your help with selection of size, weight & fabric. ”

-Marie Calgary, Alberta

” Our son loves his blanket and its been great to have it!”

-Trevor Edmonton, Alberta

“That blanket was definitely life changing for my daughter. ”

-Nichole Calgary, Alberta

“I bought one a long time ago and while my son is outgrown it, his brothers (not ASD) still love it!  Wishing you much continued success!!”

-Jennifer Calgary, Alberta

“It’s AMAZING. The purple is sooooo gorgeous. Reminds me of the color on a CD cover of one my favorite band. The blue side is damn nice too. The small bits of purple in it make it even more cooler. I want to thank you for all the effort and I’m really sorry for all the trouble I gave you. The cover with the shoes laces to keep the blanket in is such a marvelous idea. I got some friends jealous already haha. The blanket remind me a lot of my grandma blankets… Except yours is even more heavier and more pretty lol. Seems like it’s gonna be nice for summer too. It’s much thinner than I thought so in cotton and all”

-Isaac Trois Rivieres, Quebec

“Just wanted to let you to know the modified blanket is fantastic.  I have also completely blacked out my bedroom from light, ear plugs, combined with the blanket holding me down works great, ends up being like a sensory deprivation tank.  ”

-Chris Edmonton, Alberta

“I want to thank you for your efficient and prompt service. You really came through on your promise to deliver the blanket before Christmas.”

-Becky Crystal Beach, Ontario

“I am now your biggest fan. My son slept in!!! His 3.5 years of life has been challenging with colic and then troubles sleeping. He normally gets up at 5:45 but he slept until 7:45! Thank you so much.”

-Erica Calgary, Alberta

“We received T’s blanket today and he loves it!  You were right about the cuddledown fabric. T. sends a giant hippo hug your way and says thank you.  He has been 7 weeks without a weighted blanket so tonight he will love it.  ”

-April Courtenay, BC

“We just received our Hippo Hug yesterday, and could not be more pleased with the blanket! It is beautifully made. My husband used it last night, and loves it! In fact, I did not sleep terribly well last night (I have a cold) and so I was awake when he fell asleep and off and on throughout the night. He usually has problems falling asleep, but last night he read only for ten or fifteen minutes, then he put his book down and was out! No tossing and turning. And here’s the craziest thing – no snoring! Well, he did a little bit by morning, but not his usual sawing logs routine. I am thrilled! Thank you so very much. I am going to order mine now!!”

-M.H. Terrace, BC

“Thank you, the blanket is a hit . Everyone that has tried it wants one !”

-Jennifer Kelowna, BC

“So far so good (knock on wood)! She gets in bed and pulls it over herself and doesn’t get out!  It’s beautifully made. ”

-Z. Calgary, Alberta

“I just wanted to drop you a note. I just got my Hippo Hug on Thursday. We just got back from Newfoundland after my Dad’s funeral, and it was ready and waiting. Leslie, it was a godsend. I didn’t know if I could even sleep after everything that had happened – I’m an insomniac at the best of times, and this is the worst of times – but it has really helped me. I love the design and patterns. It is so perfect. Thank you.
Thank you so much for doing what you do. You make a difference. You give people dealing with awful things a chance to get rest and relief. I really think it’s all the difference in the world. R, hasn’t slept this well in years, and I really appreciate that so much. The fact that they are beautiful is an added bonus!”

-Maurie Terrace, BC

“We bought a weighted blanket from you in April 2014 almost 3 years ago! My son loves it and sleeps with it nightly.  He loves it so much that it needed to come to Florida over Christmas.  The unfortunate thing is that the airline lost my sons suitcase.  We actually ended up in Calgary for the night! We have been given the go ahead to replace our blanket.”

-A. Courtenay, BC

“We received our blanket today.  It’s beautiful!  You went above and beyond my expectations. Thank you so much. ”

-Amanda Delhi, Ontario

“I LOVE IT!! The colours are perfect. I am going through a very stressful time right now and often have meltdowns and I haven’t had a meltdown since I got it Sunday evening. I wish I had known about this sooner! Thank you so much for the lovely job. I had moved 2 days before I got it, from BC to Alberta so am trying to navigate an entirely different system, trying to figure out how to get things switched over, the stress of leaving my routine and familiarity and friends and an amazing team to a different province (that feels like a different planet)… It couldn’t have come at a better time! Thank you again”

-BJ Red Deer, Alberta

“I just wanted to let you know that my son has had the best nights’ sleep ever since he started using the blanket. He suffered from very restless sleeps and night rages and night sweats and the blanket has hugged” him enough to prevent these from happening.
I believe it will consequently also help his mental health and outlook on the world around him.”

-Concerned Mom London, Ontario

“My daughter used the blanket for a year and no longer feels the need for it. I was happy to pass it onto another parent. When they are done with it, the blanket will go into the sensory room at my school for other children to benefit from its weight. ”

-D. Grand Forks, BC

“We received our blanket today….  Thank you 🙂 My daughter has high anxiety issues due to severe food allergies. This blanket will be with her for many many years to come. She said to me upon seeing it for the first time; “it looks and feel better than I imagined!!!” Needless to say, She slept well last night ;)”

-Lyndie Kirkland, Quebec

“Just wanted to let you know that I picked up the blanket and it’s absolutely wonderful. I love it. My wife has restless leg syndrome, and she noticed a difference just on the ride home.  I’m going to try it out with my autistic son as well.”

-Daniel Calgary, Alberta

“I wanted to update you on how his blanket is working for him. I can’t remember when we purchased his blanket (at least a couple of years ago I think), but it has made a HUGE impact in his sleep. My husband suffers from PTSD due to several combat missions within the Canadian Forces. From the very beginning it made a difference in his sleep. My husband has said this about it “Without medications, I never sleep properly through the night. With medications, about 3 or 4 nights a week. But adding the weighted blanket has made a huge difference. I now sleep 7 nights a week.” Thought you might like to know. He promotes the blanket where he can among other forces members with PTSD. Just thought you might like to know! Thanks”

– Allison Wawanesa, Manitoba

“Thank you for making my girlie her blanket! She is so excited to sleep under it tonight! I’m so glad I ordered from you. The detail and colour pick is perfect, and the use of disks is great! It totally looks like a normal blanket! Love it! Will definitely be ordering more!”

– Naomi Calgary, Alberta

“I just wanted to thank you for working so quickly on Maggie’s blanket.  She loves it!  She squirms under it with a big smile on her face and promptly falls asleep.  Thank you!”

– Kelly Vancouver, British Columbia

“It has been a couple of years since my grandson has his weighted blanket. It still looks like new and helps him when he needs it. It has made a change in his life so he can get his rest. Thanks so much Hippo Hug for giving him a change in his life”

– Annie Hamilton, Ontario

“We got it, and Ian loves it!  He says it is worth a million dollars.  Thanks so much – and the weather just got cold here so a cozy blanket is just the ticket.  All the best”

-Emily, Mont Saint-Hilaire Quebec

“We received the blanket the Friday of the May Long Weekend.  Taylor absolutely loves it!  I can see why you thought he could go 15 pounds since it is so evenly distributed throughout.  He loves the feel of the gray side.  It is amazing how much faster he falls asleep and how much better he sleeps since he starting using a weighted blanket.

You make a wonderful product.”

– April Courtney, BC

“I have received the blanket, and tried it out last night.  I am quite pleased with it, the size, color and weight are just perfect.  Thank you so much for all your additional efforts in getting the blanket to me.”

-Jacqueline, Northwest Territories

“Leslie! We received the blanket today. It’s perfect! Thank you so much. Here’s hoping it helps our little one sleep better :) Merry Christmas and happy holidays to you and yours!” “She slept through the night!!!! I am so grateful! Thank you Leslie!”

– Susie Burnaby, BC

“My blanket weighs 16 pounds. I adore it. It’s like I have a man on top of me, without the hair and elbows. A very light man. A stick man, perhaps.”

– Leanne Calgary, Alberta

“Thank you so much for such a beautiful blanket. Madi just loves it!”

– Sheila  Calgary, Alberta

“Your blanket made a world of difference to my son’s sleep and hence our quality of life.

It also helped him recognize when he needed to be covered and contained….even if that means getting behind a whole lot of pillows for a break during the day…he knows to ask for a break now.  Your blanket helped him to understand the power of having a pause and a safe space to just BE.

And…it’s beautiful to look at :)”

– N.B. Toronto, Ontario

“Dear Leslie, thank you so very much for the weighted blanket for our son. Since it’s arrival, he has slept every night, through the whole night in his own bed- something that hasn’t happened for months. His mood is better, he is more patient and he is better able to self-regulate at school. What a difference it has made to his quality of life. Thanks again!”

– Tom and Allison Wawanesa, Saskatchewan

“I just wanted to let you know I love my new blanket, it is truly an amazing coping mechanism. My counselor brought up the idea and I thought it was brilliant.”

-Amanda Calgary, Alberta

“I received my blanket today.  Thank you, it looks wonderful!  I love that its colors are calm and quiet and the workmanship is beautiful.

Thank you again.  We’re going to try it out right away.”

-R , Alberta

“I received the blanket yesterday and it is amazing! Thank you so much, your design is beautiful and my son loved it right away!”

-Véronique , Quebec

“Thank You very much. We rec’d our blanket on Saturday and what a wonderful difference this has made.  Within minutes our son was relaxed.  This blanket is AWESOME. I wasn’t sure it would work for his stimming (autism) but wow am I glad it does. My son asked for his blanket and said to me it feels so good and I really like it!  Tonight he went and got it himself and put it on.  The quality is wonderful and the perfect size for him.  Thanks for making this wonderful blanket for our son!”

-Jodi, Surrey British Columbia

“My grandson loves his blanket.  He now sleeps during the night and it has helped him and his parents so much.  They can actually get some sleep now.  We are so glad we found you.  The blanket is so well made and is beautiful.”

-Anne, Ontario

“I just wanted to let you know I received the blanket and it is beautiful! Very well done and so soft. My son took to it immediately, put it on his lap and said “ohhhh I like it mommy. ” Thank you for this and I am gonna pass on your cards to his OT as the blankets they have are so bland and made with polyester. You can use this as a testimonial if you like as well. Take care and all the best in your future endeavours.”

-Serena, Ontario

“I wanted to let you know what a difference the blanket we purchased from you has made to our daughter! The nightmare of our bedtime routine has been completely quelled – she lies under her blanket and tolerates the electric toothbrush, her hair brushed, her nails clipped etc.!! It is such a calming and grounding comfort to her and we really appreciate the quality and attention to both safety and durability in its design.

I teach Grade One and I have been so impressed with it that I have shared your name and company with several of my classroom parents. One Mom has already ordered her daughter one and I just passed on your card to our in-house OT who has her sights set on a few students she knows who could benefit from it too!

Thanks so much”

-C.  Ontario

“The blanket is working wonderfully!! My son is sleeping well through the night and wakes up easily and in good spirits so we are extremely pleased.”

-Leslie Calgary, Alberta

“I haven’t managed a single dentist appointment – not even a cleaning or a consult/exam – without taking ativan in probably the past 10 years. Today, I made it through the placement of a dental implant with not a single pill, thanks to the generosity of Leslie Brooks at Hippo Hug: Weighted Blankets and Animals lending me a weighted blanket to try. It was warm and comforting, and helped me focus and relax during the procedure without my anxiety taking over. Thank you so much, Leslie!”

-Samantha Calgary, Alberta

“We are extremely happy with the products you brought us last week. I am interested in purchasing a weighted blanket that I can use for trial purposes. I would be using this on different residents and then ask families to purchase one for their family member if successful.”

– Ashly(Occupational Therapist) Edmonton, Alberta

“The blanket is very nice thank you”

– Kathy Edmonton, Alberta

“Just wanted to let you know that my girls each love their weighted blankets! I wasn’t sure how effective a weighted blanket would be for my girls (1 autistic/adhd/fasd & 1 fasd/adhd/anxious) however, after only 2 nights, they are sleeping through the night and fallling asleep within minutes! They are beautiful blankets and I really like how the blankets have disks in them, not just pellets etc. They are well sewn and beautiful! thank you for your careful attention to detail and have already referred some friends to your website!”

– Cassandra Kamloops, BC

“Thank you!  He loved the blanket – said he slept well and felt like someone was hugging him all night :)”

– Jennifer Calgary, Alberta

“William absolutely loves his blanket, and it has already come in handy…find that he will use it around the house when he is having a rough day or just needs some time to relax and calm down.  Thank you so much!  I took it to Moroz Child Psychology to show our therapist too, and I passed along one of your business cards to her.  What I also loved was the fact that you gave it to me in a lovely bag…I was trying to think of what I would store it in, especially when we took it with us in the car, so when you presented it to me in your Hippo Hug canvas bag, that was a wonderful surprise…a very nice added touch!”

Thank you!

– Christine Calgary, Alberta

“Hippo Hug Blankets are definitely worth a try for yourself, your child, or even your dog!”

– Inga, Mike, & Darby Los Angeles, California

“We are very much enjoying our weighted blanket. Leslie extended herself to help us find just the right weight, size, and pattern for our little girl. Now, her cozy blanket “hugs” her to sleep. Thanks, Hippo Hug!”

– Victoria Loh, Vancouver, BC