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Designed to meet infection control standards, our Blankets and Lap Pads are made with fabrics designed that are easy-to-clean with a disinfecting wipe and are durable enough to be used with multiple patients. All of our weighted medical items are made with a proprietary disk system which ensures the weight doesn’t shift when the patient moves and they can be heated in a blanket warmer or cooled for patient comfort.

Choose from:

  • Seamless Wipeable in Heathered Indigo
  • Water Resistant in Heathered Indigo, Grey PUL or Galaxy PUL
  • Hippo Sit Lap Pads in Blue with or without covers
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Patient comfort is key! So we designed the world’s first Weighted Medical Products that makes patients more comfortable.

Our weighted medical line ensures patients feel calmer and have more focus, so they can be more in control of their behaviour by using soothing compression that mimics the feeling of being hugged or held.

Working with specialists we developed a custom fabric designed to meet rigorous infection control standards. This makes our weighted blankets and lap-pads easy-to-clean with a common disinfecting wipe and durable enough they can comfort multiple patients. To ensure patient comfort, we make all of our items with a proprietary disk system which ensures the weight doesn’t shift when the patient moves.

All of our items can be heated in a blanket warmer or cooled for the ultimate in patient comfort.

Where have our Weighted medial Products been successfully integrated into care?

  • Long Term Care Centres
  • Acute Care Facilities
  • Short Term Clinical Settings
  • Dental Offices
  • Physiotherapy/Massage Therapy

Calming Effect of Deep Touch Pressure

Deep Touch Pressure (DPS) is a tactile way for your body to reduce the “fight or flight” response. This can include firm hugs, squeezing, stroking, or swaddling or the use of weighted items. Deep touch pressure works in two ways. If you experiencing stress, it helps calm or focus you in the moment. This boosts endorphin levels (happy hormones) and decreases heart rate and blood pressure (indicators of anxiety and stress). Deep touch pressure also causes the release of both serotonin and dopamine in the brain. These neurotransmitters and produce a feeling of calm within our nervous system.

This means individuals suffering from chronic stress, anxiety, pain, and unrest (for eg: individuals with dental anxiety, developmental disabilities, dementia, and other special needs) could all benefit from the deep touch pressure found in weighted items.

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30×60" – 6 lb – Seamless Waterproof, 30×60" – 11 lb – Seamless Waterproof, 30×60" – 16 lb – Seamless Waterproof, 40×60" – 10lb – Water Reistant, 40×60" – 15 lb – Water Resistant, 40×60" – 10lb – Washable, 40×60" – 15 lb – Washable, Lap Pad – 4 lb – Waterproof with Cover, Lap Pad – 8 lb – Waterproof with Cover, Lap Pad – 11 lb -Waterproof with Cover, Lap Pad – 4 lb – Waterproof no Cover, Lap Pad – 8 lb – Waterproof no Cover, Lap Pad – 11 lb -Waterproof no Cover


Heathered Indigo, Grey PUL, Galaxy PUL, Cotton/Cuddle, Medical Blue