Weighted Blankets

*Photos depict blankets made previously and are not available to purchase.

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets, are handmade in Calgary, Alberta. This means, unlike our competitors, you can choose a hug that’s right for you. When you purchase your blanket you select your size, weight, and then pick your fabric type from a selection of standard cotton and flannel, cuddle or organic cotton.

A safe maximum weight for most individuals is 15 percent of your body weight. However, weight is a personal choice, the maximum isn’t the same as ideal, please contact Hippo Hug if you need a more personal recommendation.Currently, the heaviest blanket we make at this time is 34 pounds.

Please inform us if any special care needs, such as allergies. As all Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets are handmade products, slight irregularities occur however it will not impact the functionality of your blanket.

Please note it can take up to six weeks to manufacture a customized blanket.

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