Red and Grey-18lbs-40×50″-Weighted Blanket


Red and Grey-18lbs-40×50″-Weighted Blanket
Cotton on both sides makes it breathable and cool. This blanket will provide intense pressure over the entire body.

Side A: Red Grunge

Side B: Charcoal Cuddle

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Red and Grey-18lbs-40×50″-Weighted Blanket

Our customizable weighted blankets provide a deep pressure sensation. Customers describe them as comfortable and heavy, however, unlike blankets weighted with pellets or aquarium rocks, our blankets do not retain heat and can be used with your own bedding. Our proprietary disk system ensures an even distribution of weight, with minimal noise as you move throughout the night. You can feel the weights but they stay where we have put them and there is no shifting of weight and little to no sound associated with the weighting system.

Hippo Hug uses 100% new materials in all our blankets. Like all textiles, your blanket will experience minor wear and tear over time. HOWEVER, the weights should not come loose from their individual pockets during the regular use of your blanket. If this happens please contact us for a warranty service. Cosmetic wear and tear damage can be fixed at the customer’s expense.

Blankets will experience wear and tear over time. Customers have found that they can significantly reduce the need to launder by using their blanket over a sheet or light quilt or by purchasing a cover. To launder: check with your washing machine manufacturer before cleaning. Hippo Hug is not responsible for any damage that may occure as a result of washing. Machine wash in cold water, do not over spin and lay flat to dry.


  • First, check with your machine manufacturer before washing. Hippo Hug is not responsible for any damage that may occur as a result of washing.
  • Machine wash cold-delicate, do not over spin.
  • Lay flat to dry.

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