Hoo-dini the Owl


Hoo-dini the Owl

Can be made up to 8lbs.

As one of our Signature Weighted Animals Hoo-dini can be made in multiple colour variations. Email to request custom colour options.

Dimensions:  8″ x 11″

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Calming and sensory toys have been around forever and it’s no surprise that weighted animals are one of our most popular sensory items. Our Weighted Animals, like Hoo-dini the Owl, are great to use on their own or in addition to your weighted blanket!

Like all of our weighted products, they provide deep pressure sensory input which settles the body, comforts the soul and provides calm. Similar to the good feeling you get when you have the comforting weight of a pet in your lap, our weighted animals objects are thought to stimulate that same response. This feeling is known as deep touch pressure therapy (DTP) and is often used as a calming tool for individuals who struggle to relax on their own such as people with anxiety, ADHD, those on the autism spectrum or those who have dementia.

A weighted animal is a great starting point for those who want try a weighted product without investing in a custom fit item. They have a universal appeal and can be accessed easily when use in classrooms, seniors residences or at home because they are versitile enough that they can be carried around or used while seated. One of the best advantage of a weighted animal is that it can be personalized to the individuals preference.

All of our weighted animals are stuffed with love in Calgary, Alberta.

Benefits of Weighted Animals:

  • Brings comfort
  • Reduces excess energy
  • Encourages relaxation and sleep
  • Promotes attention and concentration
  • Helps regulate emotional responses and behaviors

For safety the weighted item you select shouldn’t be so heavy that the person using it can’t pick it up on their own. Weighted animals aren’t recommended for children under the age of two or for those who may destroy and consume the filling.

Hoo-dini the Owl can be weighted up to eight pounds. Need more weight? Check out our Hippo Sit Weighted Lap Pads or Customized Weighted Blankets