Hippo Sit Weighted Lap Pads

These Hippo Sit weighted lap pads were designed with classrooms, travel, group therapy and nursing homes in mind. Our Canadian weighted lap pads are another way to receive deep pressure stimulation without the hassle of a large weighted blanket.

Hippo Sit weighted lap pads are Made in Canada at our Calgary shop with our waterproof material and a removable cuddle cover. This makes cleaning quick and easy as the cover can be laundered and the lap pad wiped clean. The pocket is good for kids who need to fidget without distracting classmates or seniors who have hand tremors or cold hands. The pocket is also great if you have travel anxiety and want weight on your lap and somewhere to put your book/electronics.

Hippo Sits are great for schools or other group environments where you want something that is easily placed in a neutral and non-invasive manner.

?My classmates fight over who gets to have the Hippo Sit during class!? – Grade 4 student

Be sure to follow the suggestions for a safe weight of 15% of your body weight as a maximum weight. Weight is personal choice, the maximum isn?t the same as ideal. Please contact Hippo Hug if you need a more personal recommendation.

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