Customize Your Weighted Blanket

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets are made to order in Calgary, Alberta. This means you can choose a hug that is right for you. Customize your blanket by selecting your size, weight and then pick fabrics for each side from hundreds of options.

Please contact if you need a personalized size or weight recommendation.

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We know there are a lot of places to get weighted blankets, and a lot of Canadian and North American companies to choose from. So we work to earn the chance to find the perfect hug for you and take the time to listen to your unique needs. We want you to be able to customize your weighted blanket exactly the way you want it. No matter what your preference we at Hippo Hug are creating Canadian-made weighted products to settle your body, comfort your soul and provide calm because we believe that everyone should come home to a hug!

But what does a blanket as unique as you actually mean?

At Hippo Hug we make weighted blankets to suit your specific needs.

Sleep hot at night? Our weighted blankets have less layers and bulk than the others. Imagine how much heat is trapped by extra layers of synthetic fabric and the bulk of loose filling. Our competitors have as many as eight layers of fabric, and typically most of that fabric is synthetic that doesn’t breathe. At Hippo Hug you get two layers of 80/20 cotton/poly blend batting holding your weights in place and then two pieces of exterior fabric quilted, that’s it! So if you are a hot sleeper, choose cotton for both sides and rest well knowing your Hippo Hug weighted blanket won’t be hotter than a regular quilt.

Or maybe you’re the opposite and always cold? A layer or two of cuddle or minky will provide some much needed cozy comfort to your blanket.

Perhaps your requirements are even more unique? We have customized weighted blankets for wheelchair users, restless leg sufferers and even someone with ticks on only one side of their body so extra pressure was needed on the left arm and foot area.

Unique by design

Maybe you don’t have special sensory requirements at all. However, we all have a unique personality and style!

With a Hippo Hug weighted blanket you have dozens of fabric choices so you can find something that fits in your home and your life.

You don’t need to be stuck with the same blanket as everyone else! Get your favorite colours or something that matches your bedroom décor. At Hippo Hug you can choose everything about your blanket down to the colour of the binding edge!


Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets use our proprietary disk system which ensures an even distribution of weight, with minimal noise as you move throughout the night. You can feel the weights but they stay where we have put them and there is no shifting of weight and little to no sound associated with the weighting system.

A safe maximum weight for most individuals is 15% of your body weight. However, weight is a personal choice, the maximum isn’t the same as ideal. Please contact Hippo Hug if you need a more personal recommendation. We have a special math formula to calculate this for you in various sizes so you are getting the right weight. Currently, the heaviest blanket we make as a standard size is 34 pounds.

While we can make blankets almost any size, here at Hippo Hug we discourage bed size as any weight not on your body is not doing work to help you and is merely aesthetic. Most couples have different individual needs and so sharing a blanket is not ideal. Please inform us of any special care needs, such as allergies. As all Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets are handmade products, slight irregularities occur, however it will not impact the functionality of your blanket.

Note: it can take up to one week to manufacture a customized blanket. All blankets are Made in Canada at our Calgary location.

Looking for ideas? Check out Facebook Page or Instagram for some fun options. Want a one-of-a-kind blanket without so many choices? Check out our Ready-to-Ship Blankets.

*** If you are interested in a blanket that is up to 48 inches wide please get in touch to discuss which fabric options are available to you and how this extra customization affects price ***

*Photos depict blankets made previously and are not available to purchase.


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