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10 lb -Whale Sharks


Whale Sharks 40X60 10Lbs

12.5lbs – A Bee’s Life


A Bees Life

12.5lbs – Espresso Red


Espresso Red has a bold geometric pattern in cotton on one side with a soft, brown cuddle fabric on the other side.
Dimensions: 30X40″
Weight: 12.5lbs

12lbs – Bubbles Under the Sea


Bubbles Under the Sea: Both sides are cotton, very breathable.
Dimensions: 30X40″
Weight: 12lbs

12lbs – Calming Blue


40X30 12 lbs Calming Blue

15lbs – Oh Canada


40-60 15lbs Oh Canada

15lbs – The Great North


40×60 15lbs The Great North

9.5 lb -Fireflies in Wheat


Fireflies in Wheat 40X60 9.5lbs

9lbs – Rocket to the Stars


Rocket to the Stars 40X50 9lbs

9lbs – Square Spaces


Square Spaces 40X50 9lbs

9lbs – Sunset Dragonflies


Sunset Dragonflies 40X50 9lb

Customize a Weighted Blanket

*Photos depict blankets made previously and are not available to purchase.

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets are made in Calgary, Alberta. This means, unlike our competitors, you can choose a hug that is right for you. When you purchase your Canadian weighted blanket from Hippo Hug you select your size and weight, then pick your fabric type from a selection of standard cotton and flannel, cuddle or organic cotton. If you have special requests to be considered such as placement of weights to address areas of concern like back pain or restless leg please get in touch with one of our weighted blanket experts to discuss how we can configure your weighted blanket to suit your needs.

A safe maximum weight for most individuals is 15% of your body weight. However, weight is a personal choice, the maximum isn’t the same as ideal. Please contact Hippo Hug if you need a more personal recommendation. We have a special math formula to calculate this for you in various sizes so you are getting the right weight. Currently, the heaviest blanket we make as a standard size is 34 pounds.

While we can make blankets almost any size, here at Hippo Hug we discourage bed size as any weight not on your body is not doing work to help you and is merely aesthetic. Most couples have different individual needs and so sharing a blanket is not ideal. Please inform us of any special care needs, such as allergies. As all Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets are handmade products, slight irregularities occur, however it will not impact the functionality of your blanket.

Please note it can take up to one week to manufacture a customized blanket. All blankets are Made in Canada at our Calgary location.

*** If you are interested in a blanket that is up to 48 inches wide please get in touch to discuss which fabric options are available to you and how this extra customization affects price ***