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Great for oral kids that just need something in their mouth. ARK chewlery comes in a variety of shapes and toughness.

Use this oral sensory solution as a safe alternative to chewing on pencils, shirts, fingers, etc. and to help calm, focus, and self-regulate.


  • Each pendant is sold individually with its own breakaway necklace cord
  • Designed, manufactured, and assembled in the USA by ARK Therapeutic
  • Each pendant is medical grade, FDA compliant, and contains NO lead, phthalates, PVC, BPA, or latex
  • Each pendant measures approximately 1.9″ in diameter and .3″ thick.
  • The cord measures approximately 36 inches in length.
  • If desired, you can shorten the cord by scooting the thread out of the clasp, retying the knot at a shorter length, and then trimming the excess thread.
  • Highly recommended for individuals who have Autism, sensory needs, anxiety, ADHD, etc, or for anyone of any age who needs to chew.

Hippo Sit – Lap Pads

These Hippo Sit weighted lap pads were designed with classrooms, travel and nursing homes in mind. They can have a pocket or not, the pocket is good for kids who need to fidget without distracting classmates or seniors that have hand tremors or cold hands. The pocket is also great if you have travel anxiety and want weight on your lap but somewhere to put your book/electronics. If you do not want a pocket, please indicate your preference in the customer comment section.

They are great for schools or other group environments where you want something that is easy placed in a neutral and non-invasive manner.

Be sure to follow the suggestions for safe weight of 15% of body weight as a maximum weight. Weight is personal choice, the maximum isn’t the same as ideal, please contact Hippo Hug if you need a more personal recommendation.

Reversible Sequin Pillows

These reversible sequin pillows are so much fun! Great calming effects moving the sequins back and forth, draw something or write a message and enjoy the feel of the sequins flipping under your palms. People in the shop just can’t stop touching them.

Cushions are approximated 16 inches by 16 inches and include pillow form.

Please note in the customer comments which color or emoji you would like (quantities are limited please provide an alternate choice) More on order!


Choose your favourite(s) in store or we will send you random ones

Slow squishies are a great (and quiet!) fidget toy for home and classroom use. They can be used to encourage calming by watching the  the foam expand slowly while concentrating on breath.