Hippo Chill Crash Mats are giant pillows are great for crashing out on to watch TV, jumping around in a rec room, wrestling etc. and can even be used as a spare bed for a sleepover, but watch out because your dog might steal it!

They come in two sizes. Small 40 inches by 50 inches and Large 50 inches by 60 inches. They are sustainably made with 100% polyester (typically fleece) exterior and stuffed with mixed fibres that are trimmed off our blankets to keep that waste out of the landfills. The stuffed insert is waterproof and the cover is removable for easy washing.

You can also purchase Hippo Chill Chair covers which are the fleece covers to our larger crash mats. They are perfect for storing unused or underloved stuffed animals and blankets that your kids can’t yet bear to get rid off. Once stuffed with the plush animals/blankets/ or other fillings they become the giant pillow they are intended to be.

Standard Hippo Chill Options