We’ve Got You Covered!

Our unique weighting system means our weighted makes blankets are machine washable!

A cover is not needed; however, if you want a weighted blanket cover to make cleaning easier or so you don’t miss a great night’s sleep because your blanket is being washed look no further! For your ease, we have some ready to go weighted blanket covers or you can customize a cover to match your blanket with our fabric. Looking to save a little money? Choose to provide your own and for no additional cost, we will trim one twin or larger duvet you provide to fit your blanket and give you as many covers as we can get out of the fabric provided! We just ask that you respect the time required to offer this service and only provide one cover for modification

Want an extra cover for your Hippo Sit weighted lap pad or want to convert your narrow shoulder 20×50 weighted blanket to a lap pad? We have a cover for that too! We want you to be able to use your Made in Canada Hippo Hug products in the most ways possible, we can even add fidget tools to Hippo Sit covers.