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Cotton Patterns

Black & Greys

Grunge Black Dress
Ink Blot
Ink Blot
Grunge Moss
Grunge Moss
Cotton-Black Lost in Space
Black Lost in Space
Cotton-Pretty Grid
Pretty Grid
Cotton-Grunge Stone
Grunge Stone
Cotton-Grey Bitmap
Grey Bitmap
Grunge Sidewalk
Grunge Sidewalk
Cotton- Area 51
Area 51
Cotton- piranhas- Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets


Green Plaid
Green Mellow
Green Honey Combs
Green Arrows
Green Arrows
Cotton-Bali Bees
Bali Bees
Green Tiny Comb
Green Tiny Comb
Mint Cross Hatch
Cotton- Teal Geometric
Teal Geometric
Cotton-Green Tye Dye
Green Tye Dye
Green Whale Sharks
Grunge Mint
Green Animal Farm
Green Bitmap
Green Bitmap
Olive Camo
Cotton-Green Alligators
Green Alligators


Cotton-Grunge Bachelor
Grunge Bachelor
Teal Starlight
Blue Plaid
Surf the Web
Grunge Surf the Web
Dark Blue Pearl
Dark Blue Pearl
Cotton-Shimmer Basket Weave
Shimmer Basket Weave
Cotton-Blue Batik
Blue Batik
Medium Blue Pearl
Medium Blue Pearl
Cotton-Playing Around
Playing Around
Blue Whale Sharks
Blue Dandelion Fluff
Cotton-Lost in Space
Teal Lost in Space
Cotton-Coastal Orchards
Coastal Orchards
Navy Satin
Cotton-Urban Garden
Urban Garden
Grunge Cabana
Grunge Cabana
Cotton-Sky View
Sky View
Light Blue Pearl
Light Blue Pearl
Grunge Bright Sky
Cotton-Grunge Grotto
Grunge Grotto
Blue Honey Hive
Blue Honey Hive
Modern Squares
Cotton-Grunge Ocean
Grunge Ocean
Aqua Rocket
Aqua Rocket
Blue Camo
Grunge Harbour
Blue Pearl Prism
Blue Pearl Prism
Cotton-Power Shield
Hero Electric
Cotton-Blue Alligators
Blue Alligators
Clouds Glow Clouds (Glow in the Dark)
Clouds Glow
Cotton-Blue Animal Farm
Blue Animal Farm
Mermaid Scales
Cotton-Grunge Turquoise
Grunge Turquoise
Cotton-Directional Arrows
Directional Arrows
Cotton-Grunge Sapphire
Grunge Sapphire
Cotton Camping Crew
Camping Crew
Cotton-Blue and Gold
Blue and Gold
Cotton-Raining Sky
Raining Sky
Cotton-Retro Squares
Retro Squares
Light Pearl Prism
Light Pearl Prism
Geo Hive


Grunge Eggplant Spots
Cotton-Grunge Plum
Grunge Plum
Cotton-Grunge Lustra
Grunge Lustra
Sea Horse
Sea Horse

Red & Pinks

Red Bitmap
Red Bit Map
Cotton-Candy Meadow Dance
Candy Meadow Dance
Cotton-Canada Day
Canada Day
Pink Camo
Stripe Flannel Tropical 07458F-11
Stripe Flannel
Grunge Red
Grunge Red
Cotton-Bubble Gum
Bubble Gum
Grunge Cherry
Grunge Cherry
Blossom Batik

Orange & Yellows

Cotton- Grunge Luxe Gold
Grunge Luxe Gold
Dino Mite
Cotton-Yellow Batik
Yellow Batik
Cotton-Timeless Treasures
Timeless Treasures
Cotton-Cloudy Rainbow
Cloudy Rainbow

Beige & Browns

Beige Circles
Beige Circles
Grunge Nutmeg
Cotton-Grunge Espresso
Grunge Espresso
Cotton-Grunge Bison
Grunge Bison
Manilla Dots
Champagne Satin
Cotton-Spider Web
Spider Web
Maven Onyx
Grunge Maven Onyx
Paper Birds
Paper Birds
Cotton-True North
True North
Cotton-Grunge Wren
Grunge Wren
Grunge Espresso
Desert Sand Camo
Love in the Forest
Love in the Forest
Cotton-Grunge Hot Cocoa
Grunge Hot Cocoa
Cotton-Golden Leaves
Golden Leaves