Cannabis Users Try Out a Weighted Blanket for the Same Effect

Cannabis Users – Try Out a Weighted Blanket for the Same Effect

On Oct. 17, cannabis became legal in Canada. Public consumption laws vary from province to province and municipality to municipality, so it’s advisable to do your research before purchasing and using cannabis. For example, Edmonton allows for public consumption in designated areas, such as parks without playgrounds or sports fields. Calgary, however, restricts the use…

Size Matters

Don’t Waste the Weight

One of the questions we get most often from customers is,”Can you make my weighted blanket cover my double/queen/king size bed?” We understand that people want blankets to cover the entire bed, but a weighted blanket is an unique item designed specifically with your sleep needs in mind. Weighted Blankets, unlike regular bedding, work best…

hippo hug on global tv

Hippo Hug on Global TV

Amber Romaniuk from Amber Approved talks about New Year’s resolutions and taking care of yourself in 2018. Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets are a great way to enhance your sleep and give your body a rest. Like a hug, our weighted blankets calm and soothe you.


Weighted Blanket Tips

Weighted Blanket Tips for Finding What’s Right For You or Your Loved One I often get the question, “What weight is right for me?” This is a challenging one to answer because weight can very much be a personal preference and while one person with anxiety might like a weighted blanket that is at their…


What size weighted blanket is right for me?

A weighted blanket should be between 5 to15% of your body weight to be effective. It is a personal choice how much weight to choose. Most often people opt for too little. If you are looking to save cost you are better off going down a size rather than reducing the weight. This is because…


How do I know a Weighted Blanket is for me?

    How do I know a Weighted Blanket is for me? 1)      Does the person who the blanket is for like small spaces? 2)      Do they like tight clothing? 3)      Do they enjoy tight hugs and lots of squishes? 4)      Do they curl up in a tight ball while watching tv or in order…


Hippo Hug featured in the Globe and Mail

Leslie Brooks had always been handy with a needle and thread. So when a psychologist she was working for told her a young autistic client was having trouble sleeping at night, Ms. Brooks decided to make the child a weighted blanket – a type of bed covering stuffed with weights that can help calm children…