Happy Customer

A while back I received a request for a weighted blanket and a weighted animal for a little guy with sensory integration disorder. None of my pictured weighted animals seemed to fit the bill for his tastes but when I sent off some pictures of ones not yet weighted he fell in love with the…

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ADHD Could be a Misdiagnosed Sleep Disorder

I read this interesting article today in Chatalaine magazine online that talks about many of the symptoms  of ADHD being associated with undiagnosed sleep issues. “Never underestimate the power of rest, or the detrimental effect a lack of it may have on your ability to function normally. That’s the message I took away from a recent…

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Helping our Kids Sleep Better

Parents are always looking for easy and non-invasive techniques for helping their kids sleep better. As mom’s we know this struggle can begin from birth for some kids. I remember waking every 90 minutes with Grady from age 3 months until 10 months, I was literally a zombie for 7 months. I tried what felt…

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Weighted Blanket use with Autism

Weighted Blanket Use For People With Autism Spectrum Disorder Dana Wheatley MSc. Experimental Psychology Non-medicinal treatment for people with autism spectrum disorder Hippo Hug Weighted Blanket and Weighted Animal What is Autism Spectrum Disorder? Autism Spectrum Disorder is a pervasive developmental disorder that affects communication skills, behavior and social interaction skills. Autism Spectrum Disorder includes…

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Weighted Blankets and Self-Regulation

Self-regulation is a bit of buzz word in the school yard these days with teachers looking for ways to help students achieve better in school. Hippo Hug weighted blankets and animals are a great addition to any classroom that can help with self-regulation by reducing sensory information. Weighted blankets provide deep pressure input which can…

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What it is like to have Autism

Here is a great video on what it is like to have Autism. Hippo Hug weighted blankets and animals are a great way to help with self-regulation and over stimulation of the sense by providing deep pressure feedback that helps the person feel calm and centered.   http://www.wimp.com/explainsautism/

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Weighted Blanket use with Seniors

Non-medicinal treatment of poor sleep for older adults Dana Wheatley MSc. Experimental Psychology Why do older adults have more trouble sleeping? Poor sleep is a common complaint of the elderly. Up to 40% of older adults complain about poor sleep quality. As part of normal aging, older adults experience: reduced deep sleep increased night waking…

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Weighted Blanket Use with Dementia Patients

Non-medicinal treatment for calming people with dementia Dana Wheatley MSc. Experimental Psychology What is Dementia? People with dementia have a reduction in mental and social skills due to brain damage. Dementia refers to a group of symptoms which have many causes and specific symptoms.  Dementia is most common in the elderly and typically gets worse…

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Weighted Blanket Review – Part Two

This blog post is part of a three part series and has been syndicated with the permission of Catherine from the dabels divulge. It documents how she found Hippo Hug weighted blankets out of Calgary, Alberta Canada and how it changed her sleep (for good). Stay tuned over the next few days for all three parts, the final…

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