Weighted Blanket use with Seniors

Non-medicinal treatment of poor sleep for older adults Dana Wheatley MSc. Experimental Psychology Why do older adults have more trouble sleeping? Poor sleep is a common complaint of the elderly. Up to 40% of older adults complain about poor sleep quality. As part of normal aging, older adults experience: reduced deep sleep increased night waking…

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Weighted Blanket Use with Dementia Patients

Non-medicinal treatment for calming people with dementia Dana Wheatley MSc. Experimental Psychology What is Dementia? People with dementia have a reduction in mental and social skills due to brain damage. Dementia refers to a group of symptoms which have many causes and specific symptoms.  Dementia is most common in the elderly and typically gets worse…

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Weighted Blanket Review – Part Two

This blog post is part of a three part series and has been syndicated with the permission of Catherine from the dabels divulge. It documents how she found Hippo Hug weighted blankets out of Calgary, Alberta Canada and how it changed her sleep (for good). Stay tuned over the next few days for all three parts, the final…

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Autism Awareness Video

This is a great video promoting Autism awareness. Although I don’t agree with some of the statements in the video I do think the  message about Autism is strong. I have read stats as low as 1 in 90 children have autism. This video says 1 in 150 so I’m not sure how you ever…

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Two Weighted Hippos – Weighted Blanket

Here are Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets two newest members: These two weighted animals now live at my son’s preschool where the teacher uses them during circle time to help the fidgety 3 and 4 year olds sit still through songs and story time. I was recently preschool parent volunteer and got to see them in action with my…

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