Why Do Hippo Hug’s Weighted Blankets Cost More?

Why do Hippo Hug’s weighted blankets cost more? 1) We are committed to paying fair market wages to local workers a. Certainly we could pay low wages and still get the work done but we want happy employees who give back to us what we give to them. 2) We use different materials than other…

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Choose Your Weight Chart 4

What size weighted blanket is right for me?

Typically, a blanket should be no more than 15% body weight, but because the weight is distributed across a larger surface area, as a blanket gets bigger you can safely have more weight and receive the same effects. We can make any weight (up to 34 lbs usually) if it fits within the restrictions of…

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Hippo Hug featured in the Globe and Mail

Leslie Brooks had always been handy with a needle and thread. So when a psychologist she was working for told her a young autistic client was having trouble sleeping at night, Ms. Brooks decided to make the child a weighted blanket, a type of bed covering stuffed with weights that can help calm children and…

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Testimonial from Ironic Mom

We were lucky to get this hilarious testimonial from Ironic Mom aka Leanne Shirtliffe, author of great books like Don’t Lick the Minivan, Mommyfesto, I Love Sharks, Too! and so many others.  So what does she have to say about her experience with a Hippo Hug weighted blanket? “My blanket weighs 16 pounds. I adore…

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Weighted Blanket Use in ADHD

Non-medicinal Therapy Technique for ADHD It’s ADHD awareness week! http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1241821/new-paper-highlights-impact-of-adhd-on-canadian-economy ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is defined as having significant issues with attention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness that are not consistent with the age of the person. ADHD Infographic ENGLISH Final (2) People with ADHD can benefit from a Hippo Hug weighted blanket or weighted animal…

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Weighted Animal use with Seniors

Non-Medicinal Therapies for Seniors in Full-time Nursing Care Author: Linda McMurdo M.Ed Leslie’s maternal grandmother just turned 97.  Although her short term memory remains remarkably clear her physical abilities are very poor. She has been wheel chair bound for the past six years, including not being able to move herself in and out of chairs…

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Testimonial from Peek Thru Our Window

Getting Better Rest for Your Children When Sami talked about her daughter and her sleep issues with me in the spring 2013 we thought it would be worth a try for her to take home a Hippo Hug weighted blanket sample to see if would help her sleep better, it did and they ordered a…

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