Weighted Blanket Use in ADHD

Non-medicinal Therapy Technique for ADHD It’s ADHD awareness week  http://www.newswire.ca/en/story/1241821/new-paper-highlights-impact-of-adhd-on-canadian-economy ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity disorder) is defined as having significant issues with attention, hyperactivity and impulsiveness that are not consistent with the age of the person. ADHD Infographic ENGLISH Final (2) People with ADHD can benefit from a Hippo Hug weighted blanket or weighted animal…

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Weighted Animal use with Seniors

Non-Medicinal Therapies for Seniors in Full-time Nursing Care Author: Linda McMurdo M.Ed Leslie’s maternal grandmother just turned 97.  Although her short term memory remains remarkably clear her physical abilities are very poor. She has been wheel chair bound for the past six years, including not being able to move herself in and out of chairs…

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Testimonial from Peek Thru Our Window

Getting Better Rest for Your Children When Sami talked about her daughter and her sleep issues with me in the spring 2013 we thought it would be worth a try for her to take home a Hippo Hug weighted blanket sample to see if would help her sleep better, it did and they ordered a…

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Weighted Blankets and Cancer Patients

Weighted Blankets as Non-medicinal Therapy for Cancer Patients Did you know September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month? Cancer is the leading causes of death in children, more than asthma, diabetes, AIDS and cystic fibrosis combined! A weighted blanket can help a person suffering with cancer by easing their anxiety during treatment. Like a hug, a…

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PTSD and Weighted Blankets

Weighted Blankets as Non-medicinal Treatment for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder Author: Crystal Johnson B.A. Political Science minor English Literature When weighted blankets were first introduced they were used primarily for Sensory Processing Disorder. The deep pressure helps to stimulate the body and ease anxiety. They do this by simulating the feel of human touch, and…

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Autism Speaks Edmonton 2013 Walk

Hippo Hug weighted blankets participated in the resource fair for Autism Speaks Edmonton 2013 walk. Not only did I set up a table to introduce the Edmonton autism community to my weighted blankets and weighted animals; I put together a team of 12 people to fund-raise and participate in the walk! I began my career…

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Back to School and Weighted Blankets

Use for Weighted Blankets, Weighted Animals and Weighted Lap Pads for Back to School Author: Linda Jenkins M. Ed Teacher & Counselor (retired) This past Tuesday most children went back to school. For many this is a great experience but it also brings with it constant stimulation from all the activities and movement. In addition…

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Happy Customer

A while back I received a request for a weighted blanket and a weighted animal for a little guy with sensory integration disorder. None of my pictured weighted animals seemed to fit the bill for his tastes but when I sent off some pictures of ones not yet weighted he fell in love with the…

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ADHD Could be a Misdiagnosed Sleep Disorder

I read this interesting article today in Chatalaine magazine online that talks about many of the symptoms  of ADHD being associated with undiagnosed sleep issues. “Never underestimate the power of rest, or the detrimental effect a lack of it may have on your ability to function normally. That’s the message I took away from a recent…

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