Weighted Blankets As A Meditation Tool

Weighted Blankets As A Meditation Tool

Weighted blankets for meditation are becoming more and more recognized as an effective tool for helping to centre the mind. When draped over the body, they provide a feeling of comfort and security, which promotes the mindset needed to truly access one’s deepest consciousness. Contrary to what may be popular belief, meditation isn’t a way…

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Don't Waste the Weight

Don’t Waste the Weight

One of the questions we get most often from customers is, “Can you make my weighted blanket cover my double/queen/king size bed” Our answer will always be we ‘Don’t Waste the Weight!’ We understand that people want blankets to cover the entire bed, but a weighted blanket is an unique item designed specifically with your…

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hippo hug on global tv

Hippo Hug on Global TV

Amber Romaniuk from Amber Approved talks about New Year’s resolutions and taking care of yourself in 2018. Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets are a great way to enhance your sleep and give your body a rest. Like a hug, our weighted blankets calm and soothe you.

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How Weighted Blankets Can Help

Weighted Blankets People love hugs. Let’s deconstruct the science behind it. When we hug somebody, our brain releases Oxytocin (also known as the cuddle hormone) that has a calming effect on our brains. It is a hormone which promotes the feeling of devotion, trust, and bonding.  Just imagine a situation where you would be able…

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Weighted Blankets and Anxiety

Use of Weighted Blanket as Non Medicinal Anxiety Therapy Let’s face it, we live in a time and age when it is almost normal to feel like we are in a constant state of unrest. With instant access to everything through handheld electronics, 24/7 news cycles, and information coming at us from every which way,…

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Hippo Hug weighted blankets in the news

“Now, people who can’t sleep, but don’t have any diagnosed disorder, are buying weighted blankets, too. As Maclean’s, a Canadian news site, reported, a handful of online weighted-blanket retailers, wringing every bit of marketing appeal out of the “hug” analogy, have seen an uptick in interest from consumers. “It is precisely that soothing “hug” sensation…

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Weighted Blankets Should Have Been Popular a While Ago

With the phenomenon of the Gravity Blanket recently we are wondering why people think weighted blankets are a new concept, we’ve been here 5+ years doing it and we are glad the world is catching up. Theresa Fisher wonders the same: “But, at some point in the past few years, online weighted blanket retailers started…

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Weighted Blankets Explained

We had this fabulous video done up as a quick explainer on weighted blankets and who they might be able to help. Check it out: Anxiety and lack of sleep can be crippling. It creeps into every area of your life. The Hippo Hug weighted blanket is here to help. Hippo Hug weighted blankets are…

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Weighted Blanket Tips

Weighted Blanket Tips for Finding What’s Right For You or Your Loved One I often get the question, “What weight is right for me” This is a challenging one to answer because weight can very much be a personal preference and while one person with anxiety might like a weighted blanket that is at their…

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What does a Hippo Hug Weighted Blanket Feel Like?

Comfort comes in many forms, and in various scenarios we seek out different comforts. If you were melting outside on a hot summer’s day, would you reach for your favourite drink, a hot chocolate to comfort you? You most likely would not. Despite the fact that you love hot chocolate, you are more likely to…

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