About the Blankets

Hippo Hug weighted blankets are different than any others you will find on the market. We use a unique and proprietary weighting system that involves specially designed disks so that the blanket has a low profile and doesn’t look any different than a regular quilt.

What are the weighted disks? They are a ceramic coated metal disk.

Unfortunately, to allow for perfect distribution of weight and make it so the weight does not shift as you move, weights are not removable. But the blankets are still fully washable. Spot cleaning is recommended first and many people choose to use their weighted blanket over a sheet or lighter blanket to reduce cleaning. If it does require a more thorough clean they can be machine washed according to instructions. Like anything, especially something of significant weight, it does increase wear and tear to the weighted blanket and reduce its overall lifespan.

Hippo Hug weighted blankets are made by sewing two layers of batting together to create channels, then individual weights are dropped into the channels and seams sewn in the opposite direction. Once the weights are added the fabric of your choice is quilted on to the batting, resulting in three strong seams between each weight. Then the weighted blanket is finished off by binding with a coordinating color using a machine stitch to ensure a strong hold.

Hippo Hug prides itself on customer service and making sure you are happy. Due to the personal nature and customization of blankets they cannot be returned, but we will do our utmost to help should any issue arise. Keep in mind that each blanket is handmade in a home environment so if you have special considerations that need to be taken, make us aware when ordering and we will do our very best.