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We just received our Hippo Hug yesterday, and could not be more pleased with the blanket! It is beautifully made. My husband used it last night, and loves it! In fact, I did not sleep terribly well last night (I have a cold) and so I was awake when he fell asleep and off and on throughout the night. He usually has problems falling asleep, but last night he read only for ten or fifteen minutes, then he put his book down and was out! No tossing and turning. And here’s the craziest thing – no snoring! Well, he did a little bit by morning, but not his usual sawing logs routine. I am thrilled! Thank you so very much. I am going to order mine now!

Could not be more pleased with the blanket!
M.H. Terrace, BC

William absolutely loves his blanket, and it has already come in handy…find that he will use it around the house when he is having a rough day or just needs some time to relax and calm down.  Thank you so much!  I took it to Moroz Child Psychology to show our therapist too, and I passed along one of your business cards to her.  What I also loved was the fact that you gave it to me in a lovely bag…I was trying to think of what I would store it in, especially when we took it with us in the car, so when you presented it to me in your Hippo Hug canvas bag, that was a wonderful surprise…a very nice added touch!

William absolutely loves his blanket.
Christine Calgary, Alberta