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I haven’t managed a single dentist appointment – not even a cleaning or a consult/exam – without taking ativan in probably the past 10 years. Today, I made it through the placement of a dental implant with not a single pill, thanks to the generosity of Leslie Brooks at Hippo Hug: Weighted Blankets and Animals lending me a weighted blanket to try. It was warm and comforting, and helped me focus and relax during the procedure without my anxiety taking over.

Thank you so much, Leslie!
Samantha Calgary, Alberta

Your blanket made a world of difference to my son’s sleep and hence our quality of life.

It also helped him recognize when he needed to be covered and contained….even if that means getting behind a whole lot of pillows for a break during the day…he knows to ask for a break now.  Your blanket helped him to understand the power of having a pause and a safe space to just BE.

It’s beautiful to look at.
N.B. Toronto, Ontario