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It has been a couple of years since my grandson has his weighted blanket. It still looks like new and helps him when he needs it. It has made a change in his life so he can get his rest. Thanks so much Hippo Hug for giving him a change in his life.

Thanks for giving him a change in his life.
Annie Hamilton, Ontario

I wanted to update you on how his blanket is working for him. I can’t remember when we purchased his blanket (at least a couple of years ago I think), but it has made a HUGE impact in his sleep. My husband suffers from PTSD due to several combat missions within the Canadian Forces. From the very beginning it made a difference in his sleep. My husband has said this about it “Without medications, I never sleep properly through the night. With medications, about 3 or 4 nights a week. But adding the weighted blanket has made a huge difference. I now sleep 7 nights a week.” Thought you might like to know. He promotes the blanket where he can among other forces members with PTSD. Just thought you might like to know! Thanks

HUGE impact in his sleep.
Allison Wawanesa, Manitoba