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Helping our Kids Sleep Better

Parents are always looking for easy and non-invasive techniques for helping their kids sleep better. As mom’s we know this struggle can begin from birth for some kids. I remember waking every 90 minutes with Grady from age 3 months until 10 months, I was literally a zombie for 7 months. I tried what felt like everything to get him to sleep, then we did swimming lessons at night 6:30-7 pm and that first night he slept 16 hours without waking! Amazing, I was lucky that I found something that worked and set him on the right path but I know many parents continue to struggle with sleeplessness in their children well into school age.

During those dark months of no sleep I was fortunate to connect with another mom Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Calgary Alberta Canada (45)deep in the same struggle with a similarly aged boy. While we couldn’t help each other much more than talking about what didn’t work we could at least know that we weren’t alone in the sleep war and there was someone else in the world stumbling along through the day time hours due to lack of sleep. Jackie’s son Isaac was very similar to Grady in his waking at night and it was just nice to have someone to talk to. I think she felt the same!

Fast forward 4 years and both our boys are better but not always perfect sleepers, I have started Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets and Jackie and I still keep in touch. When I made my first blanket for sample I tried to get Grady to give it a try, he would have none of it. I am not sure if that had more to do with the princess fabric than anything. But I gave up trying.

Bedtime was and is always a bit of struggle here if we miss the window of good graces. Grady still has a hard time winding down at night and will do and say pretty much anything to stay up. I was surprised when after a year of making Hippo Hugs he told me in no uncertain terms that it was time for me to make him a blanket. He helped me pick out the fabric and I used one of my ready to go sizes to whip one up for him. He was so excited! But I was still certain that come bedtime he would want nothing to do with the blanket. I was wrong.

Here is a little video of me creating the Hippo Hug Weighted Blanket for Grady

I noticed in the first week that although we did not see a huge improvement in getting to sleep (slight at best) he did sleep through the night more without waking and stayed asleep longer in the mornings. He loves his blanket and has gotten pretty mad once or twice when I have loaned it out for someone to try. I guess I better make a more “boyish” loaner so I don’t have to sneak his out!

Jackie saw that I had made one for Grady, and knowing that Isaac was similar in his sleeping and now having added a little sister Sadie to the mix also with not great sleeping skills, contacted me and ordered two blankets.

They just received them and I was so pleased to hear how much the kids love them! The blankets took less than 24 hours to ship and Jackie was messaging me right away “Blankets arrived and are beautiful. Thank-you Leslie. Can’t wait to show the kids.” then a little while later “Isaac is snuggled up with his right now. Sadie is too busy playing outside and hasn’t seen her’s yet but it’s almost nap time.” It is so nice to have to opportunity to hear and see how much Hippo Hug weighted blankets can help even typical kids!

Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets Calgary Alberta Canada (14)

“Sadie had to bring her’s in the car today after nap. She is quite taken with her ‘princess bell’ blanket” – I think this statement says it best.  When I started Hippo Hug Weighted Blankets and Animals I wanted to create something that not only helped but meshed with regular life. A blanket that your kid can haul around after nap without anyone wondering what the heck they are carrying. Something beautiful that can be loved as much as a favorite stuffie.

How about you? Does your child have trouble sleeping? Consider a weighted blanket

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